About MarikhTech

The first provider of e-payment solutions in all over Afghanistan

Marikh Tech is newly born Company established in 2011 offering the world’s most advanced technology to its customer companies in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with collaboration of their business partner from Tajikistan and rest of the world. Marikh Tech head management has been involved in various projects in Afghanistan which’s main purpose was to provide people of Afghanistan with all the facilities which they deserve. This project is also with the same idea and for the same purpose.

A little bit more about MarikhTech

What we do?

Marikh Tech is powering e-payment system in all over Afghanistan through three different devices:
1. KIOSK Terminal
2. POS Terminal
3. JAVA Application
Marikh Tech in Afghanistan is doing business with collaboration of Express Pay, a Tajikistan based company. Express pay is working in Tajikistan since 2006 and invested 10 million up-to date.
We hope that customers and companies to whom we provide these services are satisfied and may coordinate with us to groom the business for a brighter future in Afghanistan

We add value

Started with a dream of making the business of Telecom and utility companies a more convenient way of adding value to the lives of their customers and in return the companies as our customers, we have endeavored into a new domain, and we know our performance would bring excellence of the finest order. As it is understood that the value of electronic payment itself is enhanced with growing customers in Afghanistan, the ease of functioning and the essence of pursuit for faster services would ultimately make e-payment the watch word in the future.

We facilitate

The products which we would like to offer to the Telecom and utility companies are KIOSKs terminals, POS terminals, KIOSK for airline ticketing & mobile top-up/utility bills, bank installment, insurance installment, and TXN payment and complete e- payment solutions. Our customers we target are Telecommunication companies, government and private banks, airline companies, electricity providing companies, retail outlets, warehouses, wholesalers, department stores, restaurants, hotels and the markets.

We are proactive

The Telecommunication industry itself is in the early growth stage in Afghanistan and the e-payment part is still in the womb. Therefore, we firmly believe that our business has tremendous potential to grow and for years to come we will remain in the growth stage because the industry itself will take another five years to mature. We as one of the first movers would like to position ourselves as one of the finest names of e-payment sector in Afghanistan. We have the zeal, capability, knowledge, skill and technique to learn further changes that will come in the industry and have the will power to adapt any situation that would be favorable for our proliferation for a long time to come.


To become the market leader of e-payment technologies in Afghanistan.


To provide services of the highest order to our customers for a long time to come and to deliver the products and software along with the assurance of maintenance of the finest class so that quality is delivered by the best technicians and experts in the business and putting customer above everything to make sure profitability becomes just an end result of our pursuit for perfection.

Goals and Objectives

Our ultimate goal is to provide advanced, up-to date, and modern technological products and solution that are going to bring a breakthrough change in the way telecom business itself is perceived. We will provide end to end solutions for a faster functioning of financial problems and will make sure that customer’s satisfaction is always the only goal. Objectives are simple enough for us. We would like to become the biggest e-payment and related products services provider in Afghanistan in the next three years to come along with any other related business opportunity that comes our way in addition to this.

Business Philosophy

Nothing is more important to us than our esteemed customers. The customers of the future will come to us from the Telecommunication companies, government and private banks, airline companies, electricity providing companies, retail outlets, warehouses, wholesalers, departmental stores, restaurants, hotels and the likes. The industry of e-payment in Afghanistan is itself in its budding stage and the Telecom sector in Afghanistan is growing very fast. The telecom industry will add numerous customer friendly plans and would like to implement them in the future due to the sheer economic development as well as the growing demand of educated customers who are going to run the economy of the country in future. Therefore e-payment would become the only solution for the Telecom, Banks, Airlines and Utility Companies to fulfill the demands of these future customers. Our most important strength is our high quality and technically sounds staff that is going to serve our customers. Our core competency comes from our knowledge and understanding of the subject and functioning of the business itself and the way we would install and deliver our products and services to the esteemed customers. Marikh Tech is a company form of ownership and legally registered to AISA (Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency). Marikh Tech has full right to do business in e-payment sector throughout Afghanistan and can tie up with any foreign organization.